How Online Business run?


  • Best channels Now:
    • Direct?
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
  •  Youtube is a powerful source for visitors 
  •  tools:
    • free webinar
    • content creation
    • offers/free trial/coupons/commission system
  • Expert Webinars
  • Ads (Google, Facebook, )
  • Association Outreach
  • LinkedIn Marketing (Sales Navigator)
  • Collaboration with Associations (Ed XD)
  • Speaker Profiles
  • Speaker Showcases
  • Speaker Success Stories


  • can you record a voice you reading the landing page content?


  • No posts are using SEO keywords!
  • Yoast Pro allow multiable keywords and we can save money here

  • we need to send the visits to the landing page or we should replace/improve homepage

  • add google console & analytics “(MonsterInsight )


Post layout:

the subscription position is not good cuz when visitors read the subscription buttons stay at the top, the best way is to add it inside the post

Sales (Landing page):

  1. Top Bar (Coupon Discount):

    • Goal: Provide a limited-time coupon code for a special discount, encouraging immediate action.
  2. Headline (Catch Attention):

    • Goal: Grab visitors’ attention and convey the main message of the subscription service.
  3. Overcoming Challenges (Emotional):

    • Goal: Empathize with potential challenges speakers face and illustrate how the service can help overcome them.
  4. Benefits and Our Story:

    • Goal: To explain the benefits of the subscription service and share the story behind ASSC..
  5. Testimonials (Trustworthy):

    • Goal: Build trust and credibility by showcasing positive experiences of current members.
  6. Pricing:

    • Goal: Present the subscription plans and their associated benefits.
  7. FAQs:

    • Goal: Address common questions and concerns that potential customers might have.
  8. Benefits and Story (Who We Are and How We’ll Help):

    • Goal: Explain the benefits of the subscription service and share the story behind ASSC.
  9. Contact and Support:

    • Goal: Provide assistance and a means of communication for potential customers.
  10. Join Our Community:

    • Goal: Encourage potential customers to take action and join the subscription service.
  11. popup email
  12. contact cercle
  13. trustpilot
  14. Stripe
  15. Get a full refund if you’ve not seen results after watching at least 50% of the course and doing the minimum amount of work.
  16. mistery x% discound copuon that get hidden after X secound to inkoreg the visitor to checkout


Current clients:

  • allow referral system (Ultimate Affiliate Pro) $69 but I can offer it with $30


  • email for tell 1 time discount for yearly plan if they switch from monthly to yearly plan

this money you can use it to get new client throw ads


  1. Do you have high-quality images or videos that represent your coaching services and the transformation speakers can expect?
  2. What unique benefits does your subscription plan offer to speakers?
  3. How does your plan address the pain points or challenges speakers typically face?
  4. Are there any standout components you’d like to emphasize?
  5. What sets your subscription plan apart from competitors in the speaker coaching industry?
  6. Can you provide details or quotes from these success stories?
  7. Do you have any preferred text for the primary CTA button?
  8. best 6 FAQs